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Wait until I get my hands on Duckworth and Lewis

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THE Twenty20 World Cup is over.

I mean, there are technically some matches still to be played and the small matter of deciding who actually wins the thing, but now England have followed Australia out of the door, meaning there is no-one left to support.

Obviously I was not supporting Australia, but instead whoever they were playing against and thanks to the West Indies and Sri Lanka for that.

I am sure the ICC are delighted England have been knocked out, as their presence in the latter stages of an international event damages the credibility of any cricket competition.

But the event itself must be deemed a success, as the English public have finally taken to international Twenty20.

Although India provides 60% of cricket’s global income, England is still the home of the game and with now them and Australia taking the shortest form of the game seriously, Twenty20 is without doubt cricket’s premier limited-overs format.

Don’t mistake Australia’s poor performance as them not taking Twenty20 seriously – they are just crap at it.

The cricket calendar is already extremely overcrowded and if the game’s authorities want its most marketable players, such as Andrew Flintoff, injury-free more often, then something must give and now surely that is be the 50-over game.

On the whole England can be pleased with how they have played in this event, despite losing to the Netherlands and their shexy cricket.

Stuart Broad, James Anderson and Ryan Sidebottom proved a more than capable pace attack, ably supported by Graeme Swann’s spin, but there are still improvements to be made.

England’s batting, or Kevin Pietersen and Ravi Bopara as it is better known, desperately needs some bigger hitters down the order and England might just become a Twenty20 force to be reckoned with.

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