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I MUST admit I thought Rafael Nadal had made up his knee injury as an elaborate excuse as to why he lost his French Open crown.

But pulling out of Wimbledon would be taking the fable a tad too far, so it seems he probably is injured after all.

This isn’t good news – Nadal is a phenomenal tennis player and his rivalry with Roger Federer is one of the greatest things happening in any sport right now.

However Andy Murray has his chance of victory skyrocket after Nadal announced his disappearance from Murray’s half of the draw.

I went to a pub quiz on Tuesday night and one of the questions was “red-hot Wimbledon favourite Andy Murray won which tournament at the weekend?”

Murray is a long way from being the red-hot favourite and the British public are going to be disappointed if they are expecting him to cruise to the title.

There is a red-hot favourite in the men’s draw this year but it is Federer and everything looks to be opening up nicely for the Swiss to beat Pete Sampras’ Grand Slam record.

Murray is the only person capable of stopping him doing so, though, and although I’m lining myself up to look like a right tit if I’m wrong, there is no chance of anyone except Andy Murray and Roger Federer winning at Wimbledon this year.

Britain would go absolutely mental with a show of national unity not seen since the Iranian election protest

But let’s not get carried away just yet, Murray can win Wimbledon, but that is not the same as will win Wimbledon, (Tim Henman could have won Wimbledon about five times) so hold on for a few weeks and maybe then we can get a bit silly.


Written by Andrew Brook

June 19, 2009 at 8:16 pm

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