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Tennis player blames defeat on time of the month

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SIXTH-SEED Jelena Jankovic was today shockingly knocked out of Wimbledon by American teenager Melanie Oudin.

And Jankovic came up with an unusual excuse for the defeat in her post-match press conference.

Asked about her demise, she said: “It’s some woman problems. It’s not easy being a woman, you know sometimes. All these things happen. What can I do?”

I can only assume “woman problems” refers to her menstrual cycle, not the other problems facing women in the 21st century, such as pay inequality and the family/work balance, as I cannot see how such things would contribute to her loss.

Jankovic is 24 and has, at a rough estimate, probably faced over 100 periods in her life.

Put that way, it is amazing she was able to reach the upper echelons of tennis at all, having had to overcome such adversity.

I have never had a period (there was one confusing incident, but as it turned out – not a period), but can say fairly certainly that all the female competitors, even probably the Williams sisters, have experienced menstruation at some point.

Indeed as Wimbledon lasts for two week, it could be calculated that approximately 50% of the female competitors will have to negotiate their monthly cycle during the tournament.

There is no way you would ever get Roger Federer blaming a defeat on an early-morning erection.

Which all means that Jankovic needs to really come up with a better excuse next time.


Written by Andrew Brook

June 27, 2009 at 10:49 pm

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