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Monty snatches a draw with the greatest 7 not out ever

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ENGLAND somehow secured a draw in the first Ashes test, after Paul Collingwood led one of cricket’s greatest escapes.

This, despite being battered by Australia for three straight days, means England remarkably emerge in a better position than after the first test of the 2005 series.

Cricket is the only sport where the margin between a draw and a total spanking is so fine.

If James Anderson or Monty Panesar has missed one or Billy Doctrove had given another dodgy LBW decision, such as the one that ended Ravi Bopara’s second innings, then England would have lost the test and lost it very, very easily.

They would have ended the test one down, having been humiliated by their all round incompetence and Australia’s majesty.

Instead they end with the momentum in their favour, with a draw feeling like a victory.

If this match had been a football game England would have been on the wrong end of a 4-0 hiding.

Likewise in a boxing match it would have been called off about two days ago.

Draws only occur in most sports when the competitors are evenly matched.

For example in Formula 1, there has has not been a draw in 785 races.

But thanks to Anderson and Panesar clinging on for 40 minutes England have salvaged a draw that they barely deserved.

Written by Andrew Brook

July 12, 2009 at 8:21 pm

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