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Boycott’s mum could do it better – if she were alive

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RICKY PONTING has thrown his toys out of pram after Australia failed to win the first test.

In doing so he has already turned Bilal Shafayat into this series’ Gary Pratt.

Even some of Ponting’s players have suggested that Australia would have adopted similar time-wasting tactics.

And Ponting only has himself and his side to blame for not bowling Monty Panesar out in 35 attempts.

Panesar is such a poor batsman that I am pretty sure Geoffrey Boycott’s mum could have got him out, if she were alive.

At various times in the first test, while commentating on Test Match Special, Boycott suggested that his mother could have bowled, batted and fielded better than the England players, if she were alive.

Jane Boycott would have never thrown her wicket away to Nathan Hauritz the way Kevin Pietersen did.

She certainly would not have thrust her glove at the ball off Hauritz like Matt Prior did.

Indeed Boycott felt that Hauritz would never have been able to get his mum out, some praise for her talents considering Hauritz counts Sachin Tendulkar as one of his test victims.

The old girl (may she rest in peace) sounds like one hell of a cricketer.

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  1. Good to know that Sachin is still considered by the Brits too as one of the better batsmen of his generation. :d

    Ironically,reports suggest that Panesar may be dropped in favor of Harmy for the second Test. With Flintoff’s wobbling knees, he might not play. Depleted side. Doesn’t sound good.

    India Sports Blog

    July 14, 2009 at 3:28 am

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