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Tévez gets Fergie where it really hurts

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CARLOS TÉVEZ was unveiled at Manchester City yesterday and wasted no time in getting one up on his old boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

Not by refuting Ferguson’s suggestions that he had tried to contact Tévez several times, by saying: “I was there for two years and Sir Alex never called or sent any text messages in that time.” Harsh words, Carlos.

No, what will have riled Ferguson most is Tévez solving the mystery of what happened to the other half of my grandma’s tea cosy.


Ferguson would never allow such headwear at Manchester United, so at the first available opportunity Tévez flaunted his crocheted headband.

More than the sky blue City shirt he is holding, it is the hairband that will enrage Ferguson most.

Footballers in hairbands is not a new concept.

Patrick Berger first brought the humble alice-band to mainstream attention, when he moved to Liverpool in 1996.

Things reached a nadir in the 2008 Carling Cup final, when all three goalscorers (Dimitar Berbatov, Didier Drogba and Jonathan Woodgate) in Tottenham’s 2-1 win over Chelsea had their flowing locks restrained with a hairband.

But with this latest incarnation Tévez has taken hairbands, and revenge, to a whole new level.


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