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Watson inspires Lineker back to the day job

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TOM WATSON will take a one-shot lead in the final round of the Open, after a day holding off the young pretenders around him.

It would be a fantastic fairytale to see the 59-year-old Watson win the Open – the equivalent of John McEnroe winning Wimbledon again or Alain Prost turning Jenson Button back into an also-ran.

And it certainly gave Gary Lineker something to think about as he presented the BBC’s television coverage.

Lineker has spent three days at Turnberry with the easiest presenting job in the world.

He opens the coverage with a simple “welcome to the Open”, hands it over to Peter Alliss for the rest of the day, before ending proceedings with a “see you tomorrow.”

All that spare time, coupled with Watson rolling back the years at the top of the leaderboard, has lead him to consider a return to football.

Lineker was a renowned goalmouth loiterer and even at 48 years of age, his legs could cope with the amount of running he put in.

Manchester United have just signed Michael Owen based on his past goalscoring record, ignoring a body that increasingly does not want to play ball.

On that evidence Lineker should be assured of a Premiership deal, with rumours already starting that Mark Hughes sees him as the final piece in a planned 1-1-8 formation at Manchester City.

While Lineker pondered his return, a spot of golf also took place at Turnberry.

The brilliantly named Mathew Goggin and England’s Ross Fisher are both just a shot behind Watson.

But there is still a chance that Fisher will not play in the final round, as he may leave the tournament should his pregnant wife go into labour.

This is the first time a major sporting event could be decided by cervix dilation.

And that might just be enough to put Lineker’s mind back on the job in hand.


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