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City and United play mean

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THE war of words between local rivals Manchester United and Manchester City has intensified.

City kicked things off by parading new signing Carlos Tévez around Manchester in a petty yet amusing billboard campaign.


City welcomed Tévez to the city, conveniently forgetting that he had plied his trade with United for the past two seasons.

To make things worse for United’s fans, the picture shows Tévez scoring a crucial goal at Wigan last season which went some way to securing the Premier League title.

Sir Alex Ferguson has responded in typical fashion by writing off City’s title challenge, before the season has even begun.

He said: “”It won’t be easy for them to win anything, even with the players they have bought.

“I can’t look at them as our main competitors. Liverpool and Chelsea are our main competitors.”

Except by even mentioning them Ferguson has included City as a possible challenger.

Last season Ferguson picked Rafael Benitez to be his public combatant of choice, as Liverpool became genuine Premier League challengers for the first time.

This came after years of ignoring the Spaniard, prefering to verbally joust with Arsene Wenger, who suddenly Ferguson has become best buddies with, as the threat of Arsenal has receded.

By kicking off his mind games this early Ferguson has admitted for the first time his fear of not even being the number one side in Manchester.


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  1. Andrew,
    if you’re going to set yourself up as an on-line hack then good luck to you. you will however have to say something credible. can you really believe city will challenge utd this season? please. a handful, if not a bucket-full, of some of the most mercenary ‘in it for me’ strikers in the premiership does not make a team, and a team is, unfortunately, what is required. city may do better, they definitely should do better, but they will not make it into the top 4. the very best they can hope for, if aresenal, villa and everton have poor seasons, is 4th place. please, be serious.


    July 22, 2009 at 8:54 pm

  2. I think you’ll find sir alex’s comments, from an interview published in the Daily Telegraph, were in response to being asked if he saw city as a threat. to which he replied (to paraphrase) “they might be up their but theyre hardly the only ones as we’re challenged by arsenal, chelsea etc every year”

    not really him starting the mind games by mentioning city – since he was specifically asked about city. if in an interview someone asks him about luton town – does that mean that he’s worried about them too by simply replying?

    Freddy's Frog

    July 23, 2009 at 10:31 pm

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