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Pompey owner merry-go round shows Saudi silliness

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OCTOBER is well under way now, which can only mean one thing – time for Portsmouth to get a new owner.

Sulamain Al-Fahim has sold his majority stake in the club to Saudi compatriot Ali al-Faraj after only 40 days of ownership.

People have spent that long on Mount Sinai with God.

When chief executive Peter Storrie was whoring the club around the world, why did he not go straight to al-Faraj, instead of prolonging the dalliance with Al-Fahim that seemed destined to fail from the start?

That Al Fahim sold the club so quickly can be attributed to one of three possible factors:

1) He watched them play and realised, correctly, that they were rubbish.

2) He had not quite realised how much footballers earn and did not fancy forking that out every week.

3) He was poor. Not necessarily Oliver Twist poor, but definitely not Roman Abramovich or even Malcolm Glazer rich.

Portsmouth are startlingly good at attracting foreign owners.

Mike Ashley has been trying to rid himself of Newcastle United for more than a year, but appears no closer now than at any point previous.

I am no Saudi business tycoon, indeed I am no English business tycoon, but I would consider Newcastle a more attractive proposition for prospective buyers than Portsmouth or has Dennis Wise made the club that unsaleable?

Currently it seems likely that Newcastle will make an instant Premier League return, while Portsmouth have made the perfect start for a relegation campaign.

Newcastle have one of the country’s biggest and best stadiums and the fans to fill it, along with a half-decent playing squad.

Portsmouth have both a stadium and a training ground that require serious investment and a first-team made up of no-names and David James.

I suspect I watch more football than most, but when Hassan Yebda clinched the club’s first win of the season against Wolves on Saturday, he was a new name to me.

This leaves the club’s two main assets as a 39-year-old goalkeeper and an overweight fan, with excessive tattoos and a bell.

Al-Faraj has got himself one hell of a deal.

Written by Andrew Brook

October 9, 2009 at 9:15 am

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