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Terry to pay price for night away from wife

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THIS weekend it was revealed that a footballer had an extramarital affair with a lingerie model.

This is as big a news story as Roger Federer finally ending Switzerland’s six-month long wait for a Grand Slam tennis title.

But the main outrage of John Terry’s tabloid chastising is not that he did the dirty on his wife, but that he did the dirty on his mate.

If Terry, as seems increasingly likely, either resigns the England captaincy or is sacked by Fabio Capello, the main candidates lining up to take his place all have equally unvirtuous pasts.

There’s Rio “Forgotten Drug Test” Ferdinand, Steven “Batter the DJ” Gerrard and storming up on the rails Wayne “Elderly Prostitute Shagger” Rooney.

It would be naive and misguided to expect footballers to be beacons of decency, but there is also a line in the dressing room that Terry has crossed.

Terry and Wayne Bridge were teammates at Chelsea and England, when Terry had a relationship with Vanessa Perroncel, Bridge’s then girlfriend and mother of his child.

Chelsea players, among them ex-club teammates and current international teammates of Bridge, seemed unperturbed by all the palaver when Terry secured victory for them with his late goal against Burnley that showed the on-field character of the man.

Bridge has now moved onto Manchester City and after their match yesterday three of his teammates – Carlos Tevez, Nigel de Jong and Stephen Ireland – paraded t-shirts saying ‘Team Bridge’.

There are crucial England players in Manchester City’s team and the opinions of players, such as Gareth Barry, will determine whether Terry should remain England captain.

Short of making him stand before the Chilcot Inquiry, the job of ringing round the England players, especially Terry and Bridge, falls to Fabio Capello.

I would rather relive the “birds-and-the-bees talk” again than face questions about my sex life from Capello.

“Er John, did you, how you say, slip her one?”

Not a very pleasant situation and the main reason why Terry should probably resign the armband to make life easier for everyone involved, especially his cringe-gland.

But Capello has an easy way out, as on the current form which he says his teams are always based on, Leighton Baines and Stephen Warnock should both be on the plane to the World Cup ahead of Bridge anyway.

Failing that Bridge should be made captain, as he probably has the armband anyway.

He found it under his bed.*

*gag copyright = not me.

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