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Job title costs Tigers their honeymoon period

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IAIN DOWIE began his tenure as Hull City manager today, watching his new side lose 3-2 at Portsmouth.

Except he did not begin his tenure as manager on Saturday.

He began his tenure as football management consultant.

Traditionally new managers began with a win, as players seek to impress the new boss.

But football management consultants have a zero per cent win record in their opening matches.

They have also never won a league title, a European Cup or even an English counties under-16 5-a-side shield.

What do football management consultants do that football managers do not do?

Who are they consulting?

The title suggests they are consulting the management, but that cannot be true because the manager, Phil Brown, was sacked last week and Dowie has replaced him.

If anything Dowie’s previous role in football, (not the one sat next to Paul Merson and Phil Thompson on Soccer Saturday) as assistant to Alan Shearer at Newcastle United, was in fact as a football management consultant.

If it is the players who are receiving consultation, as is traditionally the case with a manager, then surely the job title should be football player consultant?

Are the Football Association using Hull as a guinea pig for David Beckham’s possible role at the World Cup?

Either way it has cost Hull three points, three points that could prove very crucial at the season’s end.

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  1. It was my understanding that Phil Brown is still the manager but on ‘gardening leave’, so Dowie can’t be called the ‘manager’ until Brown is actually off the books.


    March 23, 2010 at 4:41 pm

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