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Higgins’ escapades not snooker’s only problem

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SOMETHING bad happened to the world of snooker this weekend.

However it was not John Higgins’ dalliance with the News of the World.

It was far worse than that – I did not know who to support in the World Championship final.

Normally the choice is easy; back the underdog.

But neither Neil Robertson or Graeme Dott were obviously in that role.

Robertson, at nine, is much higher in the world rankings than Dott, at 28, but Dott has already been world champion once.

Similarly their nationalities do not help me out.

An Australian against a Scot is like Pol Pot against Idi Amin.

I am a fan of Dott’s defensive, tactical style of play, the way I imagine Paul Collingwood plays snooker.

Most snooker fans seem to like the big breaks and great potting style that Robertson shares with Ronnie O’Sullivan, but I prefer the safety-heavy frames with the two players playing directly against each other, rather than one guy just knocking the balls around on his own.

But that was balanced by not thinking Dott’s ability is worthy of two world championships, especially considering Jimmy White never won one.

The cancellation of Jim Davidson’s Big Break means that I have not been given enough insight into the two men’s personalities to form a allegiance based on them.

Regrettably, though, in the end I supported Robertson because he was in the lead – the direct antithesis of backing the underdog – because it meant I could go to bed earlier.


Written by Andrew Brook

May 3, 2010 at 10:58 pm

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