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We’ll see him crying on the telly

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TONIGHT’S the night. The night where we will finally discover if all the excitement was worth it.

We will discover if he has picked the right team.

We will discover if it was just about the money or if it was really about being crowned the best around on July 11.

We will discover if abandoning the WAG was the right decision.

It is the game everyone’s been waiting for – Adrian Chiles makes his ITV debut.

That’s right – Chiles will sit in the plush ITV studio, alongside TV non-personalities as Gareth Southgate, with the Wembley vista spread behind them.

Before handing over the reins to Peter Drury, Chiles will look at Andy Townsend sat next him and the penny will drop that he has made a huge mistake.

He will look at Townsend and think in a broad West Bromwich accent: “Bugger, he’s a lot uglier than Christine Bleakley.

“Couldn’t they have kept him in his tactics truck.”

Written by Andrew Brook

May 24, 2010 at 6:11 pm

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